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The Lords Prayer Project
(continued from home page)

As we asked before,
"Why then explore a topic already so well-known and familiar?"

Well for one thing, it can be uttered rather like the alphabet -- by rote -- but what does it actually mean? Still very importantly, it is one of the three disciplines Jesus assigned for spiritual success (give, pray, and fast).  And his disciples, noting they had been told to pray, needed to know how to pray.  And He taught them.  He gave them a pattern.

In this portion of the series on LET GOD BE GOD, after the pattern is established, you will note praying for daily needs; forgiveness brings freedom; handling temptation; surrender to the King; power to trust; understanding glory; and forever, Amen.

For "dessert," add one more week:
Here and Now or Then and There?
(Living with an eternal perspective.)

So how does this project work?

However suits YOU.

1. Do a study of it week by week as it's posted while alone in front of your computer.

2. Order a set of DVDs/discussion questions mailed to you to learn by yourself or with a friend, your family, or with a study group.

3. Save the collection we send you for later study in the Fall after vacations, etc. (After all, FATHERS DAY can be celebrated any time of year!)

The Lessons
#981A Pray Like This View Listen Questions
#981B One Day at a Time View Listen Questions
#982A Free at Last View Listen Questions
#982B Lead Us Not into Temptation View Listen Questions
#983A Thine Is the Kingdom View Listen Questions
#983B Thine Is The Power View Listen Questions
#984A Thine Is the Glory View Listen Questions
Bonus Lesson
#984B Forever, Amen View Listen Questions

If you would like to order printed copies, a DVD or a CD of the audio please click here or call us at (210) 226-0000 or (800) 375-7778.

And lastly, you don't have to sign up, but we'd surely like to know if there are folks out there responding to this sort of opportunity. We'd love to hear from you by call, email, letter or even Morse Code or telegram.

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