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Discipleship Tape Ministries
Into His Likeness
Selected Poetry
by Russell Kelfer

Series: Selected Poems

Poem: Don't Be Afraid

Don't Be Afraid

"Fear not," said Moses, "Just stand still
And watch what God can do!
I'll wave the rod of God and lo-
That sea will part for you."

"You'll walk across without a drop
And reach the other side,
But God will overflow your foe
Till every one has died!"

And so it was, at God's command,
God set His people free.
And every single child of God
Fled safely through the sea

Then God the enemy confused;
They panicked, turned around
And tried to flee the wrath of God
But every man was drowned.

But just an hour or two before,
Oh, how God's children cried.
And how they rued their circumstance
As though God's man had lied.

Until they heard a Word from God
As Moses stood and prayed,
And then he simply shared God's Word
Which was, "Do not be afraid,

Stand still, and see what God can do."
Then scales fell from their eyes;
Oh, like Elisha, could they see
How angels rimmed the skies.

And can not we when we, like they
Are paralyzed with fear
Not stop and hear the voice of God
Speak softly in our ear?

"Don't be afraid, my child, I'm here.
I'll part that sea for you.
Don't be afraid-just look at Me;
Just watch what I can do!"

So do not fear, my Christian friend,
For only time will tell
Of how the God of Israel
Delivered you as well

So, cease, now crying out in pain,
"Why God, this raging sea?"
It is to drown your captors
So God can set you free

Stop weeping, child, stop weeping,
No need to be dismayed.
Just stand still and look at God
And you won't be afraid!


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