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Discipleship Tape Ministries
Into His Likeness
Selected Poetry
by Russell Kelfer

Series: Selected Poems

Poem: Why Me? Why Me?

Why Me? Why Me?

Have you ever prayed, "Thy will be done,
I give my all to Thee,"
And then in times of trouble cry,
"Why me? Oh, Lord, Why me?"

I recall times of agony,
Great pain sweeping over me,
And all I could say to my Saviour
Was, "Lord, Why me? Why me?"

"Surely I want Thy will to be done;
I'd gladly give all to Thee.
But this endless pain that's searing my brain?
Why me? Oh, Lord, Why me?"

Then came a glorious ray of light
Where once only clouds I could see,
A Saviour dying upon a Cross,
Shedding His blood for me.

The I saw the Master Planner,
God, charting my destiny
With untold blessings all prepared
If I'd but dare to see.

Testing, trying, molding me
Into what I should be,
Allowing the problems of life to come
While I cried out, "Why me?"

Now I know not for sure when trial will come,
Or if it ever will end,
But I know there is strength to bear the trial,
And encouraging words for a friend.

So, Lord, I'm yours forever!
Make me what you want me to be.
And may I but whisper when trouble comes,
"Try me, Oh, Lord, Try me!"


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