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Global Outreach


WE REALLY HAVE NO IDEA since materials often migrate hand-to-hand to unknown places, all over the globe, including Europe, Russia, Africa, and even China. Ukraine is big at the moment, for example.

Our biggest organized partnership is with ARM in Uganda, East Central Africa. We've been working with them for over 20 years.

Africa Renewal Ministries(ARM) was founded in 1990 in a small two roomed house in Gaba, Uganda under it's original name, "Africa Reformed Ministry" by Pastor Peter Kasirivu, Pastor Charles Mugisha, Pastor JP Sewava and Gerald Seruwagi. The organization's mission seeks to create generations of transformational Christian Leaders to bring about spirit filled holistic societal transformation.

For more information about ARM visit their website at:

Dr. Gerald Sseruwagi

Our ministry is also actively involved in other parts of Africa, like Kigali, Rwanda, where Dr. Gerald Sseruwagi is heading up ACT (Africa College of Theology), the first college of its kind with a focus on discipleship of Pastors, Church leaders and young people in sub-saharan Africa.

Gerald is also helping with writing the curriculum that will see ACT become a university with a Biblical worldview; a Christian liberal arts university that will prepare the young generation of Africans to serve Christ in all life.

For more information on Gerald and ACT, click here.

Far from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, pastors a more rural church. In an area were orphans are found in large numbers, Bakashaba's daily duties include a lot more than just preaching a sermon once a week.

Johnson Bakashaba

Johnson and his own family have taken in several of these unfortunate souls. Others are looked after in other ways by both him and his congregation.

Johnson began his Christian walk with Pastor Peter at ARM (Africa Renewal Ministries) at a time when he was called to the border of Rwanda. We stay in touch with him regularly.

For more information on Johnson Bakashaba and his incredible ministry, click here.

Our friend Vladimir from Ukraine is the humble father of 12 children. His personal ministry in the Ukraine is to sit at the auto station (what Americans would call the bus station or bus stop) and play Christian music on his accordion, often accompanied by some of his children while they sing songs about Jesus.


Occasionally bystanders at the auto station try to give him money for playing his musical praises to Jesus. But he refuses and explains to folks that he plays for the glory of God only.

Once a night watchman, Vladimir now repairs shoes. The family has a "greenhouse" where they raise vegetables for sale as well as for their own food supply.

Vladimir has been receiving and studying Russell's English tapes and Russian transcripts for several years.

For more information about Vladimir click here.


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