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Gerald Sseruwagi

Discipleship Tape Ministries
Into His Likeness
Global Outreach

Meet Gerald Sseruwagi

Once upon a time . . . many years ago now . . . little Uganda, East Africa, was a country ruled by the mad despot, Idi Amin. A friend of ours named Gerald, a street boy without a functioning family or a roof over his head, stepped quietly and unobtrusively over dead bodies in order to get to school.


Beginning this summer Gerald is now Dr. Gerald Sseruwagi, Rector, Africa College of Theology, living with his wife and four children in their newly adopted home of Kigali, Rwanda. The penniless street boy of yesteryear made super difficult choices as a young man that brought him to the U.S. where he earned two Masters Degrees and his PHD, saw him invest several years in serving as a teacher and then chancellor of a Bible college in his home country of Uganda.

We now find him starting a new work of training leaders for Church and Society. He is helping to structure and build ACT, the first college of its kind that has a focus on discipleship of Pastors, Church leaders and young people. It is attracting leaders from several nations around sub-Saharan Africa.

Gerald is also helping with writing the curriculum that will see ACT become a university with a Biblical worldview . . . a Christian liberal arts university that will prepare the young generation of Africans to serve Christ in all life. And the Christian CEO of a well-known large American corporation has asked him to help train workers in the East Africa branch and share the gospel and disciple those the man has led to the Lord through the years.

Russell was privileged to have a small part in his life and learning here in the U.S. and would be immensely proud of the way God is using him as a very real instrument of change for the good of Africa. God has greatly honored Gerald's tough choices!


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