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Discipleship Tape Ministries
Into His Likeness
Weekly Study Series:
In The Last Days

It's Remarkable!

How can it be that the lesson featured for you right now
was actually written and then taught by Russell Kelfer in 1989?
That's right.
In 1989.


Why is everybody so surprised? The headlines in the newspapers say CRIME ON A RAMPAGE! or DRUG USE CLIMBS! or FAMOUS PREACHER FOUND GUILTY!

The churches are torn asunder with reports of doctrinal division, moral compromise, and general apostasy. You don't need to guess what everybody is going to be talking about at the next social gathering. They'll be talking about how bad everything is. And it is bad. No argument there.

The environment is stifling itself with pollution. Crime is on a non-stop rocket to infinity. Politicians are being exposed for their greed; sports stars are being exposed for their compromises; business leaders await trial for taking advantage of "inside" information. Women are legally killing unborn children. Divorce rates spiral. Homosexuality becomes an "acceptable lifestyle." And on and on it goes.

Natural disasters abound. Tornados, earthquakes, hailstorms, and floods are becoming the order of the day. Record heat. Record cold. Record snow. It is as though both man and the elements are ...

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Russell will share with you:
The World Runs Its Course
The Church Runs Aground
The Happiest Ending of All

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Are You Tired Of It?
Be refreshed from the Lord when you contemplate
Sheltering in Place III
by David Roper

Come, my people, enter your chambers,
And shut your door behind you;
Hide yourself, as it were, for a little while,
Until the plague is past (Isaiah 26:20).

This was Isaiah's call to God's people to shelter in place while God rained judgement on the City of Man. "Hide yourself...until the plague is past," a call that's remarkably apropos for our day.

I think of another call: Jesus' invitation to withdraw from the mad, mad, mad, mad world around us and within us, at any time and for any reason, and to enter into that quiet chamber in our hearts that Jesus called our "closet" -- to shut the door behind us and bide a wee with him (Matthew 6:6).

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