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Frequently Asked Questions

So did Russell really speak Russian?

No way! But Russian speakers across the Mid-East can hear "Into His Likeness" by satellite courtesy of a doctor in D.C. who originally hailed from Uzbekistan.

For many years Nick Talanin has translated manuscripts, sometimes with his mother's help, so that a Russian speaker anywhere could get on a list to receive printed material by getting on the mailing list.

Now he's also the voice of the radio programs. Our own San Antonio helper, Joleen, a former high school Russian teacher, checks the translations to be sure that the American way of saying things translates into what is really meant. (References to American football may need a bit of help!)

No doubt one of the real heroes in getting the Russian to air is our tech guy, Steve. He doesn't speak Russian, but he's so good at making this work that he and Joleen get on the phone for an hour or so after the kids are in bed, and voila! He gets the sound divided just as it should be.

If you know someone who would like to hear the Russian program, make use of instructions under the "On the Air" button. To sign up for Russian mailing of printed lessons, use the Contact button for your reaching us options.

Can Russian speakers receive printed materials by mail?

Yes. Some materials have been transcribed into Russian and are available to qualified recipients. For availability and more information please contact us.

How can I listen to the "Into His Likeness" radio broadcasts?

The "Into His Likeness" radio program is available only in the continental US and Guam. For stations (click here) and times (click here).

Can I listen to English radio outside the United States?

Outside the U.S., program is broadcast in English only in Uganda, in the capital city of Kampala and its surrounding areas.

Can I listen to Russell's lessons on-line?

Yes. More than 700 lessons are available on-demand as streaming MP3 audio in our Library. Some lessons may also be available on other Internet services such as SoundCloud and I-Tunes.

Can any lessons be ordered in Spanish?

Yes. Some materials are available in Spanish. For availability and more information please contact us.

Can English lessons be ordered outside the U.S.?

Yes. For more information please contact us.


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