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Into His Likeness
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Bible Study Lessons by Russell Kelfer

Russell Kelfer taught over 700 Bible lessons covering a wide range of Biblical topics helping Christians learn to remake their life into the image of Christ. You can use the list below to read, listen, print and/or order study materials based on these lessons.

Lessons are arranged by series, groups of messages taught sequentially about a specific area of Christian living. Typically, these messages should be assimilated in order.

We are currently in the process of building a new library of lesson materials that is being updated to the current web standards. This is quite a project that will take some time as all of the materials must be reworked from thousands of pages of original manuscripts much of which predates the internet age. Portions of this page are taken from the old site, namely the big order box below.

The order form is AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BOX BELOW. Depending on your screen resolution you may need to use the scroll bar on the right to view all of the content. To order, check the boxes for the lessons you are interested in (CD,Tape,Print) and then scroll to bottom and fill out order form.

Note: After hitting submit you may have to scroll back to the top of the order box to see you results. To preview the new page that is a work in progress click here.












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